Tuesday, October 25, 2011

32 1/2 Weeks

It just keeps getting closer!! Here I am at 32 1/2 weeks.

32 1/2 weeks
 This picture was taken yesterday. The only full length mirror I really have access to is the one in the bathroom at work so please forgive the ugly tile that lines the floor, it is obviously, not my choice :) So yesterday I had my check up and my poor midwife Jayne had come down with pneumonia on Friday and was hospitalized over the weekend! So I ended up seeing the NP Tammy. I really like Tammy and very much wish she was a CNM. But alas, it is not so. But she says baby is in good position with her little bum/back on my left side, she's head down and I'm measuring on schedule. Well, Tammy says I'm measuring "small" at 32.5 weeks, which is the calculation I have but their computers were down yesterday and they calculated me at 33.5 weeks with a due date of December 15 so I don't know how they do they're math. It's kinda funny how things go wonky if they don't have access to their computer files! It's really a good thing my pregnancy has been uneventful and normal as she didn't have any of my information to go by. Which makes me wonder... where's the paper chart Jayne has with her every time I'm in? They right down my weight, blood pressure and measurements... it's in a chart-like folder... is it only a figment of my imagination? Also, I can see their file room when I check in. Are those files merely for looks?! Well anyway, she said baby sounds good and healthy. I even told her she has the hiccups a lot and she said that's a sign of a healthy baby! :) Good to know because me, being my paranoid self, was kind of worried about how often a baby should have hiccups in utero!

In other news, I decided to purchase the hypnobabies home study course. It was half the cost of the hypnobirthing classes so I figured I would try it out. I probably should have bought it a little bit earlier so I would have more time to practice but here I am. So we started it on Saturday night. Our assignment this week is to listen to the two tracks on Disc 1 and alternate the two each night for the week. I have found that my mind has yet to learn how to cooperate on being aware of everything around me and not letting it distract me! Let's hope I can learn to be less mentally nosey. :)

That's it for today! We're supposed to get a big snow storm tonight/tomorrow so batten down the hatches!! We'll see if it actually accumulates to anything.


Anonymous said...

Poor Baby probably has the has the hiccups cuz you make her nervous : )

Anonymous said...

You look Gorgeous! :)Sis xoxoxo!

Anonymous said...

You look great! Healthy baby, healthy mama. And big smiles all around. :D