Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Assembly Required

I know, I've been a delinquent blogger again. For those of you keeping track, this is my first post of November and we're already 8 days into it! Well the big news thus far is that the crib is in place! First of all, we had put the crib in "layaway" at Babies R Us. It's sort of layaway because they don't really have the item in the store but once you pay it off they will order it from where ever it was being held captive and call you for pick up "within 7-14 days". They should tell you more likely between 13 and 14 days. Seven days had passed and I was thinking, it should be any day now. Then it just so happened I was checking Babies R Us online for the color of our crib because we were still searching for a dresser to go with the crib and it turned out the crib was $100 cheaper! So I went in to the physical store to ask them if we'll be able to get that sale price. They told me I would be able to once the merchandise was in the store and we were picking it up. This was a big fiasco because nobody, not even the online customer service representative on their 800 number, could tell me when this sale might end. So that whole week I kept checking to make sure the crib was still on sale online. As the end of the week approached and day 14 loomed on the horizon I got a call on day 13 that the crib was in! We headed over that night to pick it up. The funny thing was that we took the old Subaru because I thought it would fit fine in the back. Well, the box was like twice the size of the crib inside. Our solution was for Marc to go next door to Pep Boys to get some straps so we could strap it to the hood of the car. Luckily, an employee suggested... why not just take it out of the box? GENIUS! So that's what we did, got all the pieces home safely and this weekend mom and sister helped me put it together (with Marc's blessing of course, as he was off hunting).

Of course, I have had prior experience helping assemble the crib mom purchased for brother which we twice assembled. (Once at his apartment and once at mom's house.) Both times the instructions were ridiculous to follow. Seriously! Whoever writes instructions for assembly must speak a different language called Confus-ish. It's like trying to follow a joke told by someone who doesn't remember how to get to the punch line. Then there are the pictures you're supposed to follow. In big letters on each page it says "Models may vary". What the heck is the point of looking at the picture if it's of a different model?! The finally frustration comes with the use of the allen wrench. I know it's supposed to be a simple tool that anyone can use and they even include it in the hardware, it's just a pain in the butt! Anyway... we really only made one boo boo that we had to disassemble and reassemble when we had the mattress frame on upside down. Luckily that was noticed right away so we weren't too far into that step. But we assembled the crib and it looks lovely in the room.

Sara and mom using the allen wrench.
Mom working, Sara posing.

Completed Crib!
I may be posting more pictures but these were the only ones on my phone. Sara took others with her phone and I took an especially cute one of her butt as she fit between the bottom crib rail and the mattress frame to finish screwing in the final screws on the bottom that I'd like to add. We'll see if she deleted that one!

Our next project will be to sand and stain the dresser we found on craigslist this past weekend! Also coming up this weekend, a tour of the maternity/delivery unit at Swedish. It's getting closer!

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Anonymous said...

LOL You will NOT be posting a picture of my bum as I worked hard to make sure your child's crib was securly fastened and you take a picture from behind! :) It was a fun assembly. :D