Monday, November 14, 2011

So much to do!

Time is going by so quickly and there is still so much to do! My mission this week is to get on top of the freezer meals and start making them to pack away for baby's arrival. I have printed several recipes out from the very informative and helpful blog Once A Month Mom. If you are thinking about starting to do freezer meals, this is a great resource as it has tips for the beginner and helpful hints from other readers. Plus a boatload of recipes each month! The best part is, it's free! I don't think I'll have one big day of cooking for my first attempts. I think this week I'm going to make a few of the meals for our dinner during the week and just make double so I can freeze the other half. That will at least get me started.

We still have to finish organizing the second bedroom where we have just thrown stuff in there since finishing the baby's room. I know if it doesn't get done before baby, it will probably remain a mess for the foreseeable future, that is until we have gotten into a routine with the baby. We still have to organize our bedroom and put the bassinet down there so the baby has a place to sleep! And I have to get filling for the seat and foot rest on my glider so that I have a place to nurse in the middle of the night! And lastly, we have to sand and paint the dresser so that it matches the crib and so that I can finally have a place to put all of the baby clothes!

That doesn't sound like too much in 5 weeks does it!? Sigh... I thought I was doing so well! :)

On a side note, I can't believe it's the holiday season already! Thanksgiving is just over a week away! Eeek! I haven't done any Christmas shopping which I probably should do because I doubt I'll have the time or the energy/will to go with a newborn!

My other mission this week is to make sure we have our hospital bag packed. Really, anything can happen from this point on so want to not wait until the last minute for that!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Little Miss, mom is always here to help. Don't worry, it will get done. Don't stress...take a deep breath and relax. :) xoxoxo