Monday, May 7, 2012

Where did April go?

Wow, it’s been a month since my last entry… and I had been so determined to try to do at least one entry a week. This month flew by and it seems I live for the weekend. And we all know how that goes… quick as it starts it’s over again and I’m back at work wishing I were home with my baby girl. She turned 4 months old a week ago. Four months! How the time flies and how I wish I could be with her every second, watching her grow and learn and wonder. With four months gone so quickly I cherish every second that I do get to be with her. Even when she wakes me up at 3:00 in the morning and my eyes don’t want to stay open while hers light up so brightly in the dark as was the case this morning.

Speaking of her beautiful eyes, I think the color(s) have finally settled in. That’s the neat thing, she has very unique eyes. They appear to have a hazel/brown as the main color (different from my brown) and appear to be rimmed with a dark blue and sometimes green color around the outer part of the iris.

Another update is that she’s laughing more often now. She likes to make it hard to make her laugh though but she’s squealing and voicing her opinions loudly J

Saturday she attended her first wedding. It was for a somewhat distant relative on Marc’s side of the family that we don’t see at all on except on such occasions as weddings or funerals. But we went at the request of Marc’s mom. This was a trial for me as everyone wanted to hold my baby. And one of Marc’s other relatives practically horded her the whole evening! I kept my hawk eye on her at all times, not even trying to be covert about it. Luckily, it was at a small venue and I didn’t have to search for her but I couldn’t sit next to her because it was, as I said a small venue, the VFW. And if any of you have been to any kind of event at a VFW building at least in the metro area, they are all small and stuffy and never have air conditioning. They’re even hot in the winter. It was unbearable hot as the day had been at least 80 degrees! So I had to take her outside to get some air as her little cheeks would keep getting red! But she did so good, just sat and watched and smiled. Never cried at all the strange unknown family members that wanted to hold her or oogle her. Such a good mannered baby I have. At least most of the time.

So that was Mila’s recent adventure and she breezed through it like it was nothing. It’s such a joy to watch my little one grow. I can only imagine how my parents felt with three of us and watching us interact. I’m excited to see what she starts doing in this next month! I’m hoping against teeth for now as I enjoy her little toothless grin, but I promise to try to write more than this post.

From this bleary eyed mama…signing off.

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