Monday, October 22, 2012

Little Person

Another month has gone in a flash. Here I sit watching my now 10 month old angel sleep in her crib via the video monitor. A brief halt of my typing as she squirms to a new position, head in the corner, butt at an angle, legs to the side. A smile crosses my lips as I remember her daddy saying that she's just like me in that regard, can't sit still, even when sleeping. So many changes in this little person, in fact she's now becoming just that, a little person, with her own personality beginning to surface as she explores the world and reacts to its challenges. Some recent observations of this new little person.

She loves socks! Not wearing them, but pulling them off of her, and I've learned from daycare, off of other babies feet! She loves to hold them in her hands, examine them, talk to them, and toss them into the air to watch them fall, only to pick them up and do it again... until she tires of the exercise and moves on to some other interest.

She loves music. Any of her toys that play music, she'll sit there rocking her little hips or clapping her hands with the music. And if someone is there to dance with her, all the better. Today when I got to mom's to pick her up they were dancing to a dance beat that grandma found on her phone. But since it was just a short preview, whenever the music would end, Mila would listen for a second and then start moving to the beat like, "Play it again!"
I also call her my xylophone prodigy because when she takes that little mallet to her xylophone, it's like she's playing a tune she hears and she hits those tiles so matter-of-factly!

She doesn't like peas. (We'll have to work on that one.)

Dada can always make her laugh. Sure, she's got mama's heart but dada can tickle her funny bone just with a silly look. It's good to see that they have a connection. I hope he can always make her laugh.

She's smart. I've been trying to teach her sign language we've watched the sign language ABCs online at least I try to do once a day. Just in the last couple of days, when I start singing the ABCs and I'm signing them to her, she puts her little hand up and starts to move it and her fingers like she's signing! It's adorable.

She's all smiles. At least 99% of the time and it's the most beautiful smile. I wish I could share it with the world. Marc said last night as he was giving her hugs and kisses and she smiled at him, he said "if babies smiles could cure cancer there wouldn't be any!" Amen to that!

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