Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's been far too long since I last wrote. I think about it everyday but it seems like I run out of time to do that 'one more thing'. Yesterday was my and my twin sisters 31st birthday! I don't feel like I'm older, but this year I have an almost 1 year old daughter. For my birthday I took the day off of work. My main reason wasn't to celebrate my birthday but to finish planning her birthday party. I felt like I was just going all day. I had dropped her off at daycare like it was a normal work day but I was able to put up our Christmas tree and finish some errands for her party. Today at work we had cake to mark my birthday as they try to do for every employee there. They asked what I had done for my birthday and what my husband had gotten me. I told them I didn't really do anything and he hadn't gotten anything because I really didn't want or ask for anything. Most of them said "So!" One of the attorneys said if his wife tells him she doesn't want anything that it still means he better get her something. Well, not me. Give me a card and a nice thought and I'm happy. I don't need to get a gift to celebrate my life. As the saying goes, "Everyday is a gift that's why it's called The Present". Sure, many days I complain about my boring job and the long commute, but indeed I do have a job and it provides for me and my family, and my day off that I utilized for errands. I have a loving and supportive family and my husband and I have started a beautiful family of our own in our little girl and our pup. I was thinking the other day how I'm a little sad that our daughter will soon be 1. But then I realized I should be happy. Embrace the fact that our baby girl is a beautiful, healthy, growing baby girl and she has more to look forward too, more to learn, laugh and love in her life to come. Although it passes entirely too fast I have to accept it and not regret that she's grown from the tiny sleepy head she was to the talkative, smart and very loving little girl that she is. (It was still hard to write 'little girl' instead of 'baby girl', I erased it and rewrote it twice!). Sunday we'll celebrate her 1st birthday, about a week before her actual birthday, and I can't wait to see my little one's smiling face covered in frosting.

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