Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mila's 1st Birthday Party!

Today was Mila's 1st Birthday Party! And even though it went by fast, it went great! Mila did really well and only cried twice :) The decorations came out beautifully, the cake was great (a little too much frosting) and she got some great gifts! Yes, mommy does get a little control crazy but thankfully I have Marc, my mommy and sister that try to buffer my madness! (I thank them for their efforts). Also thankful that Mila has her daddy's demeanor and seems pretty laid back in any situation (any situation except sitting on Santa's lap, but that's another story). So, needless to say, Mila was a pretty cool cucumber and just sat back and watched for the most part. There were two incidents of tears which involved the birthday hat I crafted for her. She didn't hate the hat, in fact she loved looking at herself in the mirror wearing it, the incidents just happened to involve the hat. As for her gifts, she got a little bit of everything, but not as many books as I'd hoped for! Guess we know what to get her for Christmas!
Our sweet birthday angel! Well, without further ado, here are some pictures from her party! :)

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