Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Another year gone! They go so fast! This year has seen much happiness with it's share of disappointment. Like every year I try to take it in stride. Our baby girl has turned 1! and with each day she adds so many smiles to our lives. My little nephew has turned 2 and is talking up a storm and learning so quickly! And there is also the long road ahead for my mother-in-law who's cancer diagnosis on 12/12/12 makes us take stock of what we have.

With many of the sad events of 2013 we must be sure to take each day as it comes and try not to worry about the trials that may be up ahead. I take a line, slightly modified, from one of my favorite movies A Knight's Tale, Hope guides us, it's what gets us through the day and especially the night. May each day be filled with hope. Hope for the coming day, week, month and year. Hope that each moment will be as happy as the next. It is with hope that I wish you a Happy New Year :)

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Pete said...

Happy New Year Tara Rosey
Love You ALL!!!