Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First Steps

This past Friday marked a major milestone for our little one, she started walking! She had taken her first real steps on the weekend before Christmas but was still content crawling to make her way around. She started in the toddler classroom at daycare last Tuesday and that's all it took, four days and she's a walker :) As with all milestones, it's a bittersweet for the mama. I'm so excited that she's growing and learning but these are her first real independent steps into this crazy, beautiful world. I smile at her confidence in her new found abilities and I hope that she'll always have that confidence, never doubting her ability to overcome new obstacles. For there will be many in this life as we all know. It's amazing how much my one year old can teach me as I watch her try to navigate obstacles like a toy or something in her path. She pauses, assesses what she needs to do and then takes tiny sidesteps around it. Other times she feels she can just plow over it. Sometimes she's successful and other times she trips but she keeps getting back up! She reminds me that life is the same way, sometimes you need to pause and assess, and other times you need to take the chance to just plow ahead. You may stumble but don't let it keep you from getting back up! I'm so lucky to have such a wise toddler! Wisdom beyond her year :)

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