Monday, August 4, 2014


Well, it's almost that time. Here we are 6 days from my due date with baby girl number 2. I'm so excited, but also anxious. Not about labor or delivery but about our new and different family dynamic that baby #2 will bring to our house. Mila is growing so fast it seems. She's a little person with her very own sense of humor, opinions and of adventure... She loves to talk to anyone who will listen whether it's telling a waiter in restaurant that she got new sandals (or the table across from us for that matter) or just waiving "hi" to everyone we pass in the store. She makes me smile with pride and joy every day! But she is also still a 2 1/2 year old in that she doesn't listen all the time, likes to be mischievous, doesn't want to go to bed sometimes and wants only mama a lot of the time. That's the part that will be the hardest with the new little one. But she's also a very adaptable little girl. She's doing great at her new daycare and has been moved up this month to Preschool 1! Preschool 1!!! Already!

I asked her the other night if she's ready for her sister to be out of mommy's tummy so she can meet her and she gave me the biggest smile like she was so excited. I know she may not really understand the impact it will have on her young life but I see she's genuinely excited to meet her new sister. We all are! So here I am, circling my due date, waiting for the newest little one to make her appearance. The newest adventure in our lives.

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