Saturday, August 23, 2014

Monkey moments

Sitting on the couch in the early morning quiet while nursing Luna, my eyes fluttering open and closed from sleep deprivation, I glance down at my nursing babe and smile. This is one of the good parts of enduring the lack of sleep and finally getting past the nursing soreness. Her soft nuzzling for milk with her little bright eyes shining in the glow of the early morning light. When I lay her on my chest to burp her, she curls up into her fetal position and falls asleep. I love when she lays like that.  Marc says she looks like a little monkey hanging on me :-). I remember when Mila did and I just wanted her to stay on my chest forever.  It happens so quick. Now she's such a big girl! But her hugs mean so much now too because you can tell she really means them. Luna will grow quickly too so I want to make a written memory of it. Who knows when I'll have another 'monkey' on my chest. 

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