Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just Call Me SAHM

It's official! As of yesterday my new title is Stay At Home Mom! Friday I submitted my resignation letter to the firm and yesterday I dropped off my keys and parking pass and picked up my belongings. I feel excited, scared and happy. I'm so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to stay home with our girls and it's all thanks to my loving husband. He took a leap with his new career path at the beginning of this year and now he's giving me the chance to do the same. 

I remember how difficult it was leaving our little two month old Mila at all day daycare when we had to do so. I'm glad I won't have to do that with little Luna at least not at 2 months old. Yes, we're going to have to scale back on things but I think we'll be able to make it work and for the better. I hope to be able to work part time in the future and to be doing something that I enjoy and believe in. But for right now I want to take the time to enjoy this. We all know how fast time goes by, especially with kids! I can't believe my big girl is going to be 3 soon! I just have to be the best little SAHM I can be. Thank you for this blessing!

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