Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adventures in being home

I'm two weeks into this Stay at home mommy thing and this was the first week with Mila's new daycare schedule of going only two days per week. I think it has gone pretty well. Monday, like usual, was a Nama day so we all decided to go to The Butterfly Pavilion. I'd never gone and we thought Mila would enjoy it. It was a perfect day. Nama and I switched off from little L and little M who loved chasing the butterflies and made little excited squeals when they got close to her. The souvenir Mila wanted? A necklace with an octopus, not the cute little butterfly necklace mommy picked out... :-)

Tuesday was our first day as mommy and girls and I'd say it went pretty good with only a couple tantrums from Mila. I was able to keep her entertained and she even took a good nap! 

Wednesday and Thursday were her daycare days and mommy's days to do grocery shopping and have my chiropractic appointment and squeeze lunch in with Nama. I was also a able to have an appointment to get an estimate for getting our siding redone. 

Friday was our second day with Mila at home and Nama had Elias so we all decided to go to the Museum. That was a pretty busy morning and it's harder to be able to participate in the activities with Mila while pushing a sleeping baby in a stroller. But Elias and Mila had fun. 

I'd say the week was successful in all. There were moments of toddler drama and tantrums while trying to get the baby to stop crying while trying to make dinner and having it be an hour later than usual... And there are time when I think to myself that I have to work on making myself productive... But some moments you have to just let it go! Like yesterday afternoon, we just veged on the couch watching Finding Nemo and then had mac and cheese for dinner... A good end to a good week. On to the next!

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