Thursday, September 25, 2014

Throw back Thursday

Do you remember that commercial from the eighties? The one that shows a frying pan and the VoiceOver begins 

'This is your brain' 

There's a brief pause as an egg is tossed into the pan. The sizzle of the heat is heard as the egg begins to fry. The VoiceOver continues 

'This is your brain on drugs' 

and there is an extended pause for dramatic effect... 

'Any questions?' 

I must admit as a young child not yet wise in the ways of the world, that commercial did make an impression on me, though I wasn't entirely sure I understood the meaning.

But now, as a parent I totally understand. I'd like to take that very effective visual and modify it a bit to put my own spin on it.

There's still the frying pan and it begins the same

'This is your brain' the egg gets dropped in as before but instead of the egg sitting there with the sizzling heat depicting the frying of a brain on drugs...  A whisk appears and begins to violently scramble the white and yoke making no attempt to combine the two only to splatter them about into a gooey mess of confusion and disorder.

The voiceover continues...

'This is your brain on parenting' and as the gloppy mess begins to burn the cracked shell is tossed into the pan for good measure...

'Any questions?' Well are there? Because honestly I probably forgot if you asked me already...

This message has been brought to you by 'mommy moments' for your laughing pleasure.

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