Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Enjoying Fall

Has it really been 11 weeks since my second little one was born? On the one hand it feels like she's been a regular part of our routine for longer than that. On the other, it feels like I'm starting to get a semblance of a routine. Although she doesn't yet sleep for long periods at night on a regular basis, for the most part, she's starting to take regular naps and is less fussy than she was previously (although daddy might argue that not to be the case since she cries most often with him).

Big sister seems to be adjusting well. She loves kissing, caressing and getting in her little sister's face to little sis's frustration, but I'm sure soon enough she'll have her chance to return the favor. On the days she's not in daycare I like to work with her on the letter of the week and also watch her ride her balance bike. She's really starting to get confident on it and I can't wait until she's gliding all over the place! :)

So I had printed out a "Fall Bucket List" of things to do during the fall. So far we'v done pretty good. We've admired the changing colors, had apple cider, ate pumpkin bread, visited a pumpkin patch and we give thanks daily. Not bad for the first month and a half of Fall with a new little one in tow!

I'm so blessed that I have this opportunity to be with my girls. I don't know if it will be forever but I aim to get everything out of it and give everything I can to them. The time passes much too quickly.

So now I would like to start getting myself organized and looking a bit ahead to having something to do on the side. Something for myself to keep my brain engaged. I enjoy my signing class but haven't been able to return since little one will not yet take a bottle and is usually pretty fussy at night anyway. As Marc has always told me, I'm a life long learner and I would love to take some classes to refresh my anthropology knowledge but probably not at this juncture since I have zero time to read much! :) But hopefully in the near future. We'll see, just another adventure to look forward to. I'll keep you posted!

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