Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in Colorado

Well, I'm back in sunny Colorado! The flights on Saturday went ok. No glitches really but almost had to switch planes after we boarded in Newark! Luckily we were just delayed about an hour. When I got into Denver I was pleasantly surprised by my husband waiting for me at baggage claim! :) I was so excited to see him that I gave him a long loving kiss without realizing that I was stepping on his toes and he had sandals on! :) Well, we got home and the dog came running out and stopped and barked at me for a second! He had to remember that he knew me! Then he gave me big kisses and wanted me to scratch his butt :)

Yesterday we had a nice lunch with mom and dad. The dogs played (and tired themselves out) and I got to see Sara and Elijah too. Irish souvenirs were distributed and we enjoyed pork chops, salad and potatoes! After lunch, Marc and I went to see The A-Team. I heard it got bad reviews but I just wanted to watch something silly. And it was! It may have been one of those over the top action flicks but the actors in the main character roles were hilarious! :) I truly enjoyed it and recommend it if you like those kinds of movies.

Well, today I'm off of work going to get some grocery shopping done and also clean up my laundry before it's back to the ol' grind tomorrow. But being in Ireland helped me to realize that there can be an adventure in everything. Some people tell you to follow your passion... this is true, but you must also realize that your passion is portable and you can bring your passion with you into everything you do. Your life is what you make it, so make it interesting in every way you can. I will continue to write my blog, although probably not daily, but I'm going to be looking for my next adventures in my daily life!

love to all!


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