Friday, June 18, 2010


Well today on the site wasn't all too eventful. It was of course a beautiful day for the Irish it was cloudy but warm. The sun didn't really come out, but as I type this at 8:11 p.m. it's blue skies and sun shine :). At the site we did a bit of tidy-ing up of our "cuts" (they're not called units like I call them) before we were able to take our pictures and.... start mapping! :P Ugh... mapping Yuck! At least the way I'm used to is so tedious! But apparently, there is a better way! Unfortunately, that won't show up at the site for a couple of weeks! So back to the old method which is apparently the one I know. Everyone else in my group was thinking it awful when I was explaining it to them! Well, that's what consumed our afternoon and then we went to our little site house that is just down the road and Fin showed us some of the "skele's" as she calls them or skeleton's that were recovered at the only other excavation that took place at the site. It was neat to see the real bones of people who lived in medieval Ireland!

So, tonight was the night that we were supposed to learn the card game "25". Apparently and Irish staple. Well, it is one of the most confusing games I've ever played. We were at it for about 2 hours and I think I barely started to get it, but not close to being able to play proficiently or even explain it to someone else! But I wasn't the only one because Mihal's son Michael's Irish friend didn't even understand it! At first that is, then he got the hang of it by the en. Mihal is so good natured that he just laughed at us. He wants me to try again next friday. We'll see.

So my roomy Melissa and our other house mate Gwen are leaving tomorrow. Melissa will be out really early as her flight is at 9:30 and she has to be there at 6 a.m. So I will be all alone, although Megan might be moving in with me and there is supposed to be another Australian who they think is in Full Cater so he might be in the house too.

Tomorrow is the only weekend I'll have to shop and see Ireland. So some of us want to go to The Hill of Tara which I want to more than anything!! So we have to figure out how to get there because I'm not sure if there is a bus over there but it's only 15 minutes away according to the Trim guide. Also, there is the haymaking festival in Trim on Sunday so that should be fun! I might want to take a Benadryl or the Irish equivalent before that one though! :)

Love you all and miss you!


Serenity said...

Hey sista have fun this weekend. Don't worry too much about shopping, do the stuff you want to. Glad you got to see the bog body yesterday and the skele's :) That's awesome. Post/email some pics!

Adventurer said...

Well we couldn't take pics in the museum! I was bummed!