Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Day

Today was the last day of Field School in Ireland. All in all it was a quiet day. We continued to excavate in our cutting and we are trying to get below the level of the mortar and rubble fall. It appears on one side of one of our features that the wall kicks out at an angle which may indicate it was the start of a curve in the wall where there may have been a staircase or something similar. Our main feature may indeed be the inner portion of a staircase. I'll have to post the pictures when I get home and you may be able to see it for yourself. I bought a flag that is for County Meath and I had everyone on site sign it. I'm going to frame it as a memorial to my trip.

Tonight the other girls (and the two guys) are coming over so that we can make scones (I think the guys are just coming to eat the scones)! It will be a good last night.

Well, I'm already packed up and ready for my long day of flying tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone!

Love you lots!

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