Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Pub

Well, I had to post about the Pub! We went to the Pub this evening and it was lovely! The traditional Irish music was played in a little nook of the Pub called "The Snug". The gentleman playing were of the older generation but were such nice fellows and the music was just so beautiful. It made me misty eyed listening to the music and realizing that I only have 2 days remaining here in this lovely place. It also made me realize how much I want to come back to Ireland with my family and share the beauty of this wonderful Isle. It was a night I'll forever remember. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so the memories shall live on in my head and in my heart.

G'nite ye lads and lasses.


Pete said...

Well you will have that, better a memory in your mind than none at all! : )

Pete said...

I just realized that all of the comments I posted were for not, didn't have an account to post, so they are out there in the netherworld. Oh well they were sweet thoughts for the sweet!