Friday, April 1, 2011


In our current technologically advanced world we discover new planets through highly sophisticated telescopes and determine within a reasonable doubt whether or not they are able to support human life just from the light they reflect; or we can discover what the climate was like millions of years ago based on air pockets in glaciers... yet I still believe that there are many things in this world that remain undiscovered. One of them, some consider to be controversial. It has become a legend for many followers of sightings in North America. What intriguing, mystery could I be referring to? The elusive, harry, oft blurr-ily photographed... Bigfoot.

Is Bigfoot real? Do I believe there is a 6 foot lumbering humanoid hiding in the forests of North America? I can say, without a doubt in my mind… I'm on the fence. Marc however is a believer! He loves to watch those Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc. "documentary's" about bigfoot. I don't mind watching some of them. Namely the ones that have people using scientific methods to test things like stride, hair samples, video analysis and such, but I absolutely loathe the ones with the hoakey "re-enactments". They start out with the "victim" telling their story of…The Encounter. The screen then fades into a forrest setting looking pleasant and quiet... cue the creepy music. A branch snaps and a quick flash of a dark shadow is seen just to the peripheral. The camera quickly pans in that direction and ARG GRRR RAWR! All of a sudden there's a snarling sasquatch in the distance running as the camera bounces in and out of frame! Really? What annoys me most in these little "re-enactments" is that they either use a guy in a really bad gorilla suit that they try to make look mangy and Patterson-Gimlin-esque tromping around or with the new technical advancements, they'll use a computer generated image that looks something like a rabid cartoon ape man. Now, I totally understand that they can't go to the nearest animal trainers and rent out a well-trained Bigfoot for such scenes because afterall, that's the point, there's not a zoo with these guys in there, but really?

Now if you didn't get my Patterson-Gimlin reference up there, fear not, that just means you have a life outside of Bigfoot hunting (which everyone needs a break from their passions :). They were the dudes who shot the famous, much debated Bigfoot footage in 1967. That's another thing, why are all the videos/photographs blurry/bouncy or far away? Check out this most recent one out from North Carolina. Really?! He's walking across the road and you can't get your camera to focus? That looks like it could be a guy in an ewok suit who lost his ride to the sci-fi convention! And if your camera is a worthless piece of tin, and you rule out the ewok scenario follow him! Cautiously of course but if you really wanted these photos to be worth something, money or credibility, make sure it's in focus!!

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