Sunday, April 24, 2011


I find myself with a bit of writers blog... hehe. Forgive the horrible wordplay. The reason I don't write a daily blog is because well, lets face it, my job is very boring. I would write more often if I had more interesting things to write about. Alas, my current situation inhibits my material.

I know what you're thinking... I probably need to get a hobby. Well, it just so happens, I have recently taken up knitting. Yes, another riveting topic that I don't want to bore my 7 little readers with.

Well, I do have my dog, who often keeps our lives interesting but he's been fairly well behaved, of late, except the shoe that he destroyed today, however that episode was short lived and entirely uneventful.

It seems I need a hobby that involves people. People have quirks, idiosyncrasies, annoyances that can be turned into interesting observances. Then again, do I really need to be annoyed with a bunch of quirky idiots! I jest.

Well, for now I'll have to focus on finding some interesting topics to keep my few readers engaged. Until then... Comments? Questions? Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever volunteered or considered volunteering at a homeless shelter? Its quite an experience. You will have stories to tell. They may not be the happiest stories, but they are very heart touching. Just a thought. :)

Pete said...

Past experiences such as college, vacations, growing up (leave me out)!?. Camping, gradeshool, highschool?

Adventurer said...

Good suggestions. I will have to take those into account. Currently I'm not up for volunteering at a homeless shelter. I work downtown... it's kinda similar :) j/k.