Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 Things

5 Things I could be doing right now instead of working:
1. Watching paint dry
2. Walking over hot coals
3. Discuss politics… not really, I'd rather work
4. Squishing a spider…. just got the willies…
5. Watch 90210 (torture)

5 Things I'd rather be doing than work:1. Playing with my pup
2. Working on my knitting so I can finish it before Linley's little girl is born
3. Sitting in the sun soaking it up before the snow/rain expected on Saturday
4. Going to see a movie at the theater but not paying the exorbitant theater prices.
5. Learning guitar
5 Things I really wish I could be doing:
1. Flying to a new place to excavate at an ancient archaeological site
2. Scratching the million dollar winning lottery ticket
3. Taking a hot air baloon ride
4. Hiking in New Zealand
5.. Working as an extra on the Hobbit

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The 5 things you really wish you could be doing, they are all possible.
#1. Perfect for you. Tara Croft Tomb Raider ;)
#2. Call me when this happens.
#3. That could be arranged.
#4. Stuff me in your backback because I wanna go too. ;)
#5. There are local theatures, I'm sure one will do the play. :)