Friday, April 15, 2011

Lycosi... what?!

Caution: If you hate creepy crawlies as much as I do you may want to skip this post!

Hi, my name is Tara and I'm an arachnaphobic…

I HATE spiders. I mean seriously absolutely, positively HATE them. Could God have made them any creepier?! Eight legs, multiple eyes, some hairy, ALL UGLY! From the tiny to the tarantula size they all give me the creeps. Oh sure, people tell me "but they help because they eat the other pests", yeah yeah, you say that but when you find a large Lycosidae - Hogna in your garage! Lycosidae is the biological family name of the wolf spider. Hogna is the genus as explained to me by Dr. Paula Cushing of the Denver Musuem of Nature and Science. This is what Marc found in a 5 gallon bucket in our garage when he was digging stuff out of it

Disgusting right?!! If you aren't creeped out by it, you're not normal in my book! That was about the size of a fifty scent piece. And that's just what it looks like in its dead curled up form! Check this out for a live version

Although the one Marc found was dead, it didn’t make it any less freaky!. I mean that thing was alive when it crawled in there! That means it was alive crawling it's little happy spider butt around my garage and in my other things! UGH!!! I just wanna keep spiders out of my house and surrounding bubble. Is that really so much for me to ask?!

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Pete said...

Boo Spiders!