Saturday, June 23, 2012

Growing strong

Mila's 6 month check up went well yesterday, all except the part where she has fluid in both ears! :( I really hope this isn't going to be a regular thing for her. So this time they put her on a different class of antibiotic since the amoxicillin may have given her hives last time. We'll see how this one goes! She also got her shots of course. She didn't like those but was fine once I picked her up. She gave the nurse Erik a bit of a glare. Although she may just remember him from the heel pokes when she was two days old.

Other than that, she's developing great! She's a long baby in the 75th percentile and also petite as far as weight. Today she's been a happy baby as usual but with a low grade fever all day. I had her in just her diaper for most of the day because it's been 100 degrees! She looks so cute and she loves the freedom.

Tomorrow we're having a girls morning with mom, sister, Ayrin and Raquelle going to see the animated movie Brave. I'm going to miss my little bear but hopefully when she's older she'll like having days like that with me!

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