Friday, June 22, 2012

A letter to my baby girl on her 6 month half birthday

My precious angel,

Today you have reached your six month birthday! I can't believe how much you've changed in these 6 short months! From the small, sleepy, sweet newborn to the smiley happy baby I see everyday! You are such a happy baby and your daddy and I feel so blessed each moment we have with you to see you smile, to hear your magical laugh, to watch you learn and wonder at everything around you! We watch with excitement at each new milestone you reach. Right now you are sitting so good! You'll sit on your blanket and play with your cups and rattles. You particularly like the one I have named 'moo cow rattle' but you also love to mum on your cups! You can roll both ways and a couple of times I've left you playing on your tummy in the middle of your room for a moment and you'll have rolled off the blanket when I get back! You haven't gotten your knees under you yet in preparation for crawling but grandma Pauline recently caught you up on your toes!

You are such a joy my angel and it is with excitement and joy that I watch you grow. You have so many adventures yet to experience and you have so much love surrounding you.

God has truly blessed our family with you!

Love your mama.

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