Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pray for relief

Colorado is on fire! This hot, dry June has brought an unprecedented number of wildfires to our front range. Currently, approximately 135,000 acres are burning from a combined 6 active fires!! The last few record setting days of heat have only increased the danger. Yesterday afternoon one of the fires took a turn for the worse and jumped a road an with the help of 65 mile per hour winds climbed up a canyon wall and into subdivisions quickly burning several homes. Many people were at work when this happened and didn't even have a chance to collect belongings. So far there are no reports of deaths caused by this fire, I only pray it remains as such. It's a scary situation and I can't even imagine the devastation of the families affected. The pictures say it all

My prayers go out to them and to all the brave firefighters that are risking their lives in fighting these flames.

Anyone interested in helping in some way please visit www. and please pray for relief!

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